Important cultural properties
Lecture Hall  ( National treasure)

Lecture Hall is representative symbolic building of Shizutani school as the central place of learning.

Irimoyazukuri( Japanese building with half-hipped roof ), big roof by Shikorobuki( three layer structure consisting of  layer shingled by thin boards, layer by japanned boards and layer by Bizen ware tile ) and Katomado( bell-shaped window ) look majestic and unique.

The roof was simple “thatched type” at the  of the school. Then it was tiled by robust “Bizen ware tile” through subsequent renovations as same as the present style.

The roof consists of three layers structure  protected from rainwater by every measures including pottery pipes of edge of the eaves.

Pattern of eaves-end tile is “Rokuyomon( Crest of 6 leaves).

This hall has blow-by vast room inside, and it consists of the room supported by 10 zelkova round columns and surrounding canopies.

The floor by Urushibuki(*) boards is thoroughly polished, then it softly reflects natural light which is come from Katomado( see above ).
(*): Japanning technique repeating the following procedure several times :
1)japanning 2)wiping 3)drying 4)polishing

“Sadame( National treasure ): School regulation” and “Shubunkogakuki : Basic principles of education established by Chu Hsi” are displayed on the front wall, and the framed calligraphy with “Kokumeitoku” written on it is hung on the east wall.

On both 1st and 6th day of each month, lecture of “Shishogokyo :Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism” was given here.