Important cultural properties
School gate ( Kakumeimon : The gate of the crane crying )

This is main gate of Shizutani school and it is located at the middle between the stone bridge on Hanchi pond and Seibyo( Sacred Hall which is dedicated to Confucius).

The roof is tiled with Bizen ware kawara(tiles) and Shachihoko( traditional kawara, shaped as fabulous fish with a tiger head ) is decorated to the roof-ridge.

At the west of Komon( School gate ), there is Kumon (Onarimon) for local lord’s visit, there are also Inshitsumon( Gate of tea break room ) and Kochumon( Gate of school kitchen ) that are used by students, and those gates are graded by user respectively.

At the east of Komon( School gate ),
there is Jinjamon( Shrine gate ) which was built after Meiji era had started.